Aditya Kamble

+1 (704) 236-8209 ยท [email protected]

I am Self-Inspired ๐Ÿ˜Ž Programmer having 3 Years of experience as a Software Engineer. Proficient in Python, Java, Android, JavaScript and love to work on personal projects in free time.

Learned a lot from the community and that inspired me to contribute back through GitHub and Stack Overflow. I enjoy working with team which push my boundaries to solve complex problems.


Software Engineer


Developed financial auditing procedures as per required business logic in Python to automate manual auditing process
Designed and Developed Excel and Custom file parsers using Python to parse multiple types of Financial Reports which led to auditors by more than 90%
Optimized Data Import pipelines in python and pandas which reduced time taken by around 80%
Wrote deployment script to automate deployments required for AWS Python-Lambda

January 2019 - June 2019

Software Engineer

Xoriant Solutions

Integrated Caffe Library in android application using Native C++ with Java and Kotlin using JNI. Built using Gradle and CMake for Java and C++ integration
Developed compression tool using FlatBuffer & ProtoBuffer to reduce size of ML model by 90%
Worked with resnet18 for layer by layer prediction, GoogleNet for direct image prediction. Built Android part of application from ground up.
Worked on RESTful API using Retrofit and OkHttp to perform well managed API consumption. Worked with 3rd party libraries like RxJava to perform asynchronous tasks like Bluetooth device discovery and connection
Optimized BLE operations using filters which reduced device search time by 85%.
Architected reactive approach for real time experience in XorChat application using ViewModel and SQLite and Dagger 2 for dependency injection.
Building structured data from raw data like CSV using Java 1.7 and use it to predict age and gender by passing it to prebuilt PMML Model
Developed Linux batch Scripts for scanning and maintaining directory structure for input data.
Used Netflix Zuul gateway service for dynamic routing for accessing multiple microservices API using single endpoints

October 2016 - December 2018


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University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Master of Science
Computer Science - Software Engineering and Data Science
Relevant Coursework - Algorithms & Data Structures, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics

GPA: 4.00

August 2019 - May 2021

University of Pune, India

Bachelor of Engineering

GPA: 3.60

July 2012 - May 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
Programming Languages: Python, Android (Google Certified) , Java SE 1.8, Kotlin, Django, HTML5, CSS, Linux Bash Script
Libraries: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Numpy, Seaborn, TensorFlow, Keras
Tools & IDEs: Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, Git, Android Studio, Vim
Databases & Servers: AWS, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Tomcat 8, Apache Server
Certifications: Machine Learning (Coursera), Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Coursera)